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In addition to process plants, we can supply individual components including:-

For applications including:-

Pressure VesselsPressure Kettle at Greaves

We can supply agitated Pressure Vessels, normally designed to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (US U Stamping available as an option).  The body can either be Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel, jacketing is normally spiral baffled for thermal oil heating/cooling and agitation can include contra-rotation, turbo mixing and scrape side anchor. 

Agitation power and RPM is calculated to match the apparent viscosity of the batch.

We can also include Spray balls for CIP and a sight glass with light to allow the batch to be inspected without opening the lid.

Temperatures can range from ambient to 250°C, pressures can range from Vacuum to 8 bar typically (higher pressures are available, if required) and the capacity can be from 1 Litre to 6000 Litres (larger sizes are available, if required).

Atmospheric Vessels, Heated and Unheated Mixers including Turbo MixersFinishing Kettles

These have the same features as the Pressure Vessels with the exception that the product space is not pressurised.  Instead of having a dished top, these are normally flat with split hinged lids.  Heating and cooling jackets are normally designed to comply with the European Pressure Equipment Directive.

Turbo Mixing is a process accelerating option worth considering if the product is not shear sensitive and is particularly advantageous if you need to disperse solids in a gel or liquid.  It works by having a high powered high speed shallow pitch marine style propellor which creates a vortex and shearing action.  A turbo mixer will do the same job as a larger conventional mixer as you can do two batches in the same time as it takes a conventional mixer to do one batch.

PumpsGear Pump for Grease and Other Applications

The two main types of pump we supply are gear pumps and progressing cavity pumps.  Gear pumps are good over a wide range of temperatures and viscosities.  Progressing cavity are equally good in this respect but have the additional advantage of being able to create a full vacuum on suction if fitted with a rubber stator.

Colloid MillsMill with Ribbed Stator and Rotor

There are two main types of Colloid Mill that we normally supply, one has a ribbed stator and rotor (Charlotte or Fryma) and the other has a smooth stator and rotor (Premier).

Ribbed stator and rotor combinations are popular with grease manufacturers as the actions pounds the grease as well as shearing it. The smooth type is useful if you need to know exactly what size you are milling to.

Charlotte and Fryma mills are in-line, i.e. have inlet and outlet pipework, enabling them to operate both in circulation and discharge.  Premier mills have an outlet spout, limiting them to gravity discharge only.

FiltersGrease Filter

We can supply basket, duplex and scrape sided filters.  Scrape sided filters can either use a rotary or piston type scraper to remove residue.

Scrape side filters are popular for EP and Anti-Wear Grease manufacture where there are no solid powders in the mix, to remove undissolved soap or soap raw materials.  This ensures the grease gives bearings quieter running in service than most unfiltered greases.  It is sometimes a QA Requirement by certain customer.


We typically supply orifice type de-aerators for clarifying cloudy products.  If necessary, we can incorporate a vacuum chamber to remove a greater proportion of air.

De-aerators can either be gravity or line-fed depending on the plant set-up.  We can also supply automatic shut-off equipment to allow the de-aerator to double as a gravimetric filling machine.

Filling and Packaging EquipmentFilling Machine

We can supply either gravimetric or volumetric filling equipment, depending on the type of product and package size.  Greases and larger package sizes generally work better with gravimetric filling while other products work better with volumetric filling.

Plant Automation

Automation varies considerably depending on the amount of automation that would benefit the process.  We can automate valves for temperature and product control or for more complex systems, we can automate raw material addition.

Load Cell Mounting

We can load cell mount process vessels to automate or simplify raw material additions.  If this is being retro-fitted, flexible couplings will be needed on all the pipework.

Skid MountingSkid Mounted Vessel

As described elsewhere on the website, we can mount equipment on skids that can double as drip trays.