Grease manufacturing plants and other similar projects...

Grease Plant for Qatar (2012) - Second PhaseGeneral View

This comprises a 3 Tonne Autoclave and two 5 Tonne Finishing Kettles to give the plant a 3000 Tonne per annum capacity on a single shift system, higher on double shifts.  The three vessels can also run independently as stand-alone kettles. Post-processing is based on a mobile mill, grease filter and de-aerator.

We have used faster and more powerful agitation on this plant than in its predecessors, which gives a more complete reaction in a shorter time, allowing the benefits normally attrubuted to under-driven contactors without their disavantages.

Some of the support equipment, for example the thermal oil heater and mezzanine floor were sourced independently by the client to maximise their cost beneft.

Charging the Autoclave

Closer Up






Bentone Grease Unit for Qatar (2011)Bentone Kettle in Qatar

This is the first phase of a full scale grease plant outside of Doha.  The unit comprises a 2 Tonne skid mounted double motion kettle with pump, mill, access platform and control panel.  The panel features variable speed drives for the gate, inner agitator and pump, amongst the control equipment.

This unit embodied the chief advantage of the skid mounted system as it allowed rapid erection on-site with the minimum of specialist equipment. 

Complex Grease Turbomixer Pilot Plant (2009) Complex Pilot Plant

Based on a skid mounted Scanima Turbomixer, originally for the food industry, this plant makes 20 - 30 Kg batches of grease with a higher yield than its conventionally agitated counterparts with the majority of formulae.  Having completed R&D work for a US Client, it has now been sold to a manufacturer in Liverpool.  


Marine Fuel Blender for Trinidad & Tobago (2002)Marine Blender 2

This was done by renovating a self-powered Fisher Blender and mounting it on a bi-directional trailer for mobile bunkering at Point Lisas, Trinidad.  The chief advantage of this unit is that it does not need an electrical supply and thus can be used in a flammable atmosphere or in the vicinity of flammable liquids.  


Lithium Grease Plant for Kuwait (1998)Kuwait Plant Shipment

This was built to replace a Grease Plant destroyed in the Gulf War; as the customer was an experienced Grease Maker, he had a strong design input and the plant was built to match his grease formulae and methods.

It featured the largest kettle we had built to date, being 5 Tonnes in capacity and offered a design upgrade over its predecessor, such as:

  • Contra-rotating paddles
  • Water-cooled hopper for high ambient temperature operation
  • De-aerator with variable orifice

Brake Fluid Plant for Trinidad & Tobago (1992)Brake Fluid Plant

This plant was designed to blend two-pack DOT 3 fluids into a finished product in a moisture free environment provided by a nitrogen blanket that was desiccated in silica gel columns.

It featured:

  • Stainless Steel contact surfaces
  • Raw Material barrel siphoning
  • Raw Material and finished product buffer tanks
  • Variable speed mixer
  • Volumetric flow metering
  • Skid mounting


2000 Tonnes Per Annum Grease Plant for Turkey (1991)Grease Plant in Turkey

It was designed to be capable of manufacturing:

  • Lithium Grease (Std and Complex)
  • Calcium Grease (Hydrated and Anhydrous)
  • Aluminium Stearate Grease
  • Bentone Grease
  • Sodium Grease

It was capable of making any grease type that could be done in a single stage process vessel.

1000 Tonnes Per Annum Grease Plant for Trinidad & Tobago (1985)Lithium Plant Trinidad

It was designed to be capable of manufacturing:

  • Lithium Grease (Std and Complex)
  • Anhydrous Calcium Grease
  • Aluminium Stearate Grease
  • Bentone Grease
  • Sodium Grease

It is capable of making most grease types that could be done in a single stage process