Skid Mounted Plant Supply Method

To shorten commissioning time, we normally skid mount our vessels allowing the immediate pipework, electical wiring and other immediate services to be pre-fabricated before shipment.

Loading Calcium KettleGenerally, our method of supply is thus:

Assessment of the customer’s needs, the site where the plant will be and services available.  In order to quote, we normally need to know:

  • The annual production capacity of the plant
  • The products to be manufactured, their grades and an estimated percentage split
  • Shift Pattern (e.g. 2 x 8 Hours 5 days per week)
  • Raw material availability; e.g. In the case of grease manufacture, the available base oils and in particular whether there is access of naphthenic oil, which generally produces better saponification/thickening
  • Finished product package sizes and their percentage distributions
  • What is currently available on-site, e.g. Building with space including dimensions, base oil tanks, their size and what they normally contain, laboratory, thermal oil heating including maximum temperature as products such as lithium grease have to be heated to around 200°C.  Please note that if none of the above are available, it does not mean that manufacture is impossible, it just means that their provision will need to be costed in.
  • If a heating system is required, what fuel type would be used, e.g. Natural gas.
  • Specifications of services available, for example supply voltage, mains water pressure, etc.

The next stage is to determine what is to be supplied by us and what is to be provided by the client.  At one end of the scale, we can provide the plant on a turnkey basis, at the other end, we can provide components, with the client to the majority of the on-site work.  In practice, it tends to be a mix of the two as shown by the grease plant example below:


Internal base oil buffer tanks 
Base oil metering system 
Thermal oil heating and cooling system 
Mobile hydroxide pre-mixer(s) 
Electrical control panels 
Fume Extractor 
Skid mounted process vessels with pumps 
Pipework within skid footprint 
Large package filling line 
Laboratory Equipment for tests 
On-Site specialist work and commissioning

Base Oil Tanks
Electrical supply to wall mounted isolators
Mains Water
Pipework and services outside skid footprint
Small package filling machine
Handling Equipment (forklifts, etc)
Laboratory, incl furniture
On-Site Assembly Labour

At this point, we are ready to provide the plant proposal, which will contain a final price, delivery schedule, payment staging, listing of what both parties have agreed to provide, etc.

Upon acceptance of the proposal and receipt of the downpayment, we fabricate, assemble and test the plant in the UK, then invite the client over to inspect prior to dismantling for shipment.  If client training is required, this is the stage at which it is done.

Al Wakra-20120228-00271The plant is then dismantled, not fully, but into skid mounted modules that are easy to move but minimise the amount of reassembly at the destination site.  Our skids are designed not only as a module base, but also to:

  • Act as a drip tray or mini-bund to stop spillages spreading across the floor.
  • Act as a support for the client's mezzanine floor, if required.

Upon arrival on site, the skids are moved into position, the pipework and electrical wiring reconnected, non-skid metalwork such as the operator platform reassembled and services connected to the plant.

The skid-based modules excel at this point as it means that the plant can go from being an empty building to being recognisable within one day and fully operational within 1-2 weeks.

Once the plant is able to run, the first batches of grease are made, operator training is carried out, if required by the client and then the plant is officially handed over to the new owners.

This does not mark the end of our involvement with the plant as we continue to offer support in terms of spares supply, maintenance work, training and manufacturing know-how.