Grease Production ModuleAll-In-One Module for grease manufacture

Grease plants or manufacturing units become more difficult to make cost-effective as capacity decreases because certain parts of the system remain expensive and require considerable on-site work to install.  This is particularly true for the heating and cooling.

To address this, we have used the skid mounting principle to develop the grease production module.  This is a single skid mounted unit comprising the following:

  • Double or triple motion grease kettle - 600Kg typical capacity but scaleable up or down
  • Electrically heated, water cooled thermal oil module that can take the kettle from ambient to 220°C (typically) and back down to ambient. (Not necessarily required for bentone grease).
  • Product Pump
  • Grease Mill
  • Control Panel
  • Pipework

Options include:

  • Operator Platform
  • Hydroxide Pre-Mixer
  • Grease Filter
  • De-Aerator
  • Weighing Equipment
  • Packaging Equipment

All the above fits onto a flatbed truck or into a sefreight container with the kettle laid horizontally

Re-assembly and commissioning is faster and simpler than a conventional grease plant


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