We design, manufacture and export grease plants and machinery. If you are looking at upgrading or expanding your plant, we provide a range of vessels here and in-line equipment here.  If you are considering starting to manfacture grease, we can supply a grease plant to meet your needs within a budget you can afford.

Our equipment is capable of manufacturing:

Our grease plants have the following unique selling points:

  • Innovative vessels - e.g. using a turbomixer for saponification
  • Modular Skid Mounted Construction enabling rapid on-site assembly and commissioning
  • Skids that can act as mini-bunds and where required a support for the mezzanine floor
  • The option of thermal oil and direct heating to suit the plant size and budget
  • We have grease manufacturing experience as well as plant supply experience

The plant configuration depends on the amount of grease that needs to be produced each day:

  • Smaller plants are usually based around a single stage process where a kettle is used both for saponification and finishing.
  • Larger capacity plants use an autoclave with strong agitation, pressurised if required, for saponification and a pair of finishing kettles for dilution and additives.

Thermal oil heating and cooling is normally used, except where capacity and budget limitations make direct heating the more viable alternative.

In line processing en-route to storage or packaging include milling, filtering (improves quality of bearing grease) and de-aerating (makes the grease clearer and reduces oxidation in storage).  If solids such as molybdenum disulphide need to be blended in, we recommend a separate mixer to ensure the solids do not contaminate other grease grades.

Mill, Filter and Dearator in Qatar

If you want individual components, we can supply those too, for example:

  • Individual Vessels (Autoclaves, Kettles, Finishing Kettles, Mixers, etc)
  • Agitation upgrades
  • Pumps
  • Mills
  • De-Aerators
  • Control Panels
  • Valve Automation


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